This journey is not just about cider making. It aims to prove to myself and others that if you love doing something, you can make a career out of it. Things do not always work out as planned, but seeing them through, changes everything. Understanding that you do not need to be chasing money in order to earn some will bring peace to your life. I am thankful to my family and true friends that were there to lend a hand when I needed it the most.

My name is Richard Domaniža and my first attempt to ferment hard apple cider dates back to 2011. After two years and a number of failed experiments (more than I would care to share) I have managed to create a somewhat drinkable batch of hard cider in my parents’ garage. Finally! I was thirsty for some dry cider ever since my university studies in the United Kingdom – a country where cider is embedded in its culture.

It took me another two years to realize that a corporate lifestyle is not going to cut it for me and therefore I have quit my office job. Many of us think about doing that but let’s be honest, you have to be a little crazy to throw away that sort of a financial security in order to pursue your dreams. Maybe some of you can keep both worlds running in a parallel, but not me. I was not made to multitask. That is why I decided to invest all of my time and money in this project.

A year later, in 2016, after chasing down all that boring legal stuff that is needed in the food industry and rebuilding an old kindergarten to a cider house, the Kastler Cider brand was founded! Since then I have created another brand for an alcohol-free line of drinks, called Kastler “Smädohasič“ (translates to “Thirstfighter”).

In all of these beverages, the apples used are bought for fair prices from local farmers. Fruits are hand-picked and sorted to include only those, that you would happily eat yourself.

So the next time you hold a Kastler in your hand, remember that it is never too late to transform your dreams into reality. Perhaps you just need to be a little crazy! :)

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