Slovakian cider culture is still in its early stages but, fortunately, we already have a few craft cider makers around, pressing and fermenting Slovakian apples. We believe that such crafts are worthy of support, because they choose to bring quality products to our market and support our agriculture instead of taking the easy route by using concentrated apple juice, aromas and other cheap artificial ingredients.

Most local artisan producers decided to go with well known cider making techniques used to make English, French or Spanish style ciders. However, Kastler decided to create a completely unique Slovakian style cider that we can only be proud of.

Kastler drinks are premium Slovakian craft products, combining innovation with tradition. We put special care into hand picking our ingredients while maintaining high production standards. Each bottle of Kastler is made with lots of love and attention to detail so you may treat yourself just like you deserve!

Please allow me to introduce you the entire Kastler family - refreshing drinks in modern packaging. For those who care about what they drink and do it with style! :)

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